Liangyu Chen    陈亮宇

Hi! 👋 I am a research assistant at MMLab, Nanyang Technological University, advised by Nanyang Assistant Professor Dr. Ziwei Liu.

My research lies in generalizable and data-efficient machine learning frameworks for high-level visual recognition 👀 or reasoning 🤔. I develop data collection pipelines, representations, and models for interactive or assistive AI systems.

Previously, I worked with Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Dr. Alan Yuille and Dr. Zongwei Zhou at Johns Hopkins University, on self-supervised learning and human-in-the-loop machine learning. Before that, I also spent great time at ByteDance, Alibaba, NUS, and A*STAR Singapore.

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Making Your First Choice: To Address Cold Start Problem in Vision Active Learning
Liangyu Chen, Yutong Bai, Siyu Huang, Yongyi Lu, Bihan Wen, Alan Yuille, Zongwei Zhou
Tech report, 2022

Multi-task Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Calcification Morphology and Distribution Analysis in Mammograms
Hao Du, Melissa Min-Szu Yao, Liangyu Chen, Wing P. Chan, Mengling Feng
Tech report, 2021

Baconian: A Unified Open-source Framework for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Linsen Dong, Guanyu Gao, Xinyi Zhang, Liangyu Chen, Yonggang Wen
Tech report, 2020

Open Source Project Contribution
  • OpenPSG: Benchmarking Panoptic Scene Graph Generation (PSG), ECCV'22.
  • Baconian: Model-based Reinforcement Learning Framework.

  • Service
  • Reviewer for computer vision and machine learning conferences/journals.

  • I host virtual office hours for anyone who wants to share thoughts on CV/ML research, reading (either scientific or not), or any other topics of interest. Please schedule via my calendar.

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